Private Multiple Sclerosis Yoga Classes

Private Multiple Sclerosis Yoga Classes can ease the neuro-muscular challenges that accompany the disease. Baylee Brei offers these classes in the privacy of your home to people located in Scottsdale, Tempe and Mesa, Arizona.

The ability to walk is often challenged by Multiple Sclerosis. Whether you are in a wheelchair, on hand-crutches, or using a cane; Baylee will tailor Private Multiple Sclerosis Yoga Classes that safely meet your needs.

Oftentimes people with MS are reluctant to attend public Yoga classes because they are embarrassed by their limited capabilities and concerned about slowing the pace of the class. That is why private classes are such a good alternative.

Baylee is passionate about providing an informed approach. That is why she participates in continuing education offered by The National MS Society for yoga teachers.


The use of props such as chairs, blocks, pillows, and straps can make Yoga postures attainable even for people with very limited physical capabilities. Safety is a primary consideration. Baylee pays very close attention to designing a custom Yoga practice for each individual. Her keen eye allows her to accurately gauge her clients limitations and capabilities so that she challenges them while avoiding risks.

The private classes often start in a chair. Then as the client’s capabilities improve the practice advances to the floor and then to standing.

Clients should check with their doctor before beginning classes.

Typically classes are scheduled once or twice per week. The client can choose sixty minute classes or ninety minute classes


The National Multiple Sclerosis Society agrees that Private Multiple Sclerosis Yoga Classes can be beneficial for people who have this disease. You can read their advice in this article titled Yoga and MS.

Also the Yoga Journal published a good article entitled 5 Yoga Poses for People With Multiple Sclerosis that gives a glimpse of some of the things Baylee will work with you on.


If you live within 20 miles of South Scottsdale and would like to learn more, please click here to fill out our contact form.

Baylee Gallen