Peripheral Neuropathy Restorative Yoga

Peripheral Neuropathy Restorative Yoga can be helpful for people who are struggling with mobility and balance challenges. It is Baylee Brei’s passion to help people with neurological deficits. She has real life experience working with this disease in private settings.

In-home private classes are the best setting for this because the practice must be safely tailored to each clients capabilities.  Peripheral Neuropathy Restorative Yoga can help restore balance, strength, and flexibility. It is a gradual process that often starts in a chair and then eventually progresses to floor work and standing work.

Oftentimes people with Peripheral Neuropathy have adopted a sedentary lifestyle. This may be because they have fallen down or are afraid of falling down. This sedentary lifestyle magnifies the mobility and balance deficit. Peripheral Neuropathy Restorative Yoga is a gentle way to reawaken the fluid in the inner ear. This can be an important contributor to a sense of balance.


An individualized private class takes into account the specific needs of the client. Factors that impact the pace of the practice include:

  1. The client’s age

  2. How long they have been sedentary

  3. How long they have had the disease

  4. Other health related factors

First of all, safety is an important consideration in defining a practice that errs on the side of gradual and gentle.

Some people with diabetes suffer with a form of Peripheral Neuropathy that manifests as “pins and needles” sensations. Others, who do not have diabetes, struggle with a delay in their neuro-motor control that causes them to struggle with walking. As a result, this delay decreases their skin sensation and proprioception (The perception of movement and spatial orientation detected by nerves within the body, as well as by the the inner ear). Peripheral Neuropathy Restorative Yoga is helpful for proprioception training.

A client should consult with their Medical Doctor before beginning private Peripheral Neuropathy Restorative Yoga. Also the client needs to be communicative with their teacher regarding their limitations, fears, and concerns.

Here is what one of Baylee’s Peripheral Neuropathy clients has to say about their restorative practice:

Baylee’s guidance on yoga practice to help with my mobility challenges and neurological deficits have been very effective. Today I stood on one foot for the first time in years. I’d highly recommend her for any person with Multiple Sclerosis, Peripheral Neuropathy, or any other other neurological challenges. She is dependable, organized, professional, and easy to work with. She also has great skills as a motivator.

In conclusion Peripheral Neuropathy Restorative Yoga can help people regain their mobility. But keep in mind that it is much safer to progress slowly in a restorative yoga practice than to rush things. An experienced teacher is the key to a successful practice. If you would like to schedule a session, please visit this page.

Baylee Gallen