Private Group Yoga Classes In Phoenix, AZ

Practice With Your Friends, Family, Or Coworkers

Practicing with a group can be a fun way bring friends closer together. A group class is a great way to get people out of their comfort zone. Practicing yoga with a group of friends or neighbors is a creative way to hold yourself accountable. Students can count on each other to commit to their weekly classes. If you are running out of weekly activities for you and your friends, try a group class today.

Schedule your private group yoga classes at a time and place that is convenient for you; a quiet place in your home, a park, your office or outdoor area are some great places to start. You will truly have everything you need for a safe, strong, and effective yoga practice.

Private Family Yoga Classes

I teach yoga for families of all ages including mommy and me classes, kids yoga, couples yoga and family reunions. Families can practice together and build a stronger bond, especially for those hoping to spend less time around the TV and more time laughing together on their mats.

Private Office Yoga Classes

office yoga classes around Phoenix AZ

Group classes make excellent team building activities. Do your employees seem sluggish in the morning or afternoons? Incorporating a team yoga class can be a great way to improve workplace morale, boost energy and clear the mind for a more productive work environment.

I offer specific poses to incorporate into your work day whether you spend it sitting in a chair or on your feet. Chair yoga is a popular choice for many office workers as it allows you a chance to stretch without having to leave your workspace.

Private Group Yoga Phoenix AZ

What’s Included In A Private Yoga Class:

  • A 60 Minute Hands On Yoga Practice tailored to your groups goals and abilities

  • Use of up to 30 sets of yoga props

  • Time set aside for group photos

  • Any other special requests

Special Additions

For an extra special treat, I will include fun activities to make your yoga practice complete!

  • Brunch and Yoga Packages*

    • Enjoy a healthy a nutritious brunch prepared by Private Chef William Turner.

  • Aromatherapy*

    • Your choice of a variety of essential oils to relax, stimulate, or energize your day. This package will include a traditional inhalation therapy as well as light facial massage during Savasana.

  • Organic Juices*

    • Organic Juices provided from local Scottsdale juicery, Kaleidoscope Juice. Cold pressed, raw juice made from produce not sprayed with pesticides.

  • Photography Packages*

    • A professional photography will take photos during our class as well as a few group photos after class and provide you with a file of 20-30 photos.

  • Live Music*

    • Music offered from local Phoenix musician, Timothy OBrien, who plays live Tabla with ambient soundscapes.

*Will incur an additional charge



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Pricing varies based on distance and class length. Please inquire below for more information.