A Little About Me


About Me

After having been influenced by the yogic community in Denver Colorado for two years, I received My 200 RYT with Kripalu School of Yoga and moved to Arizona in 2014. I specialize in gentle to moderate yoga classes. Kripalu yoga is a slower paced practice with a focus on holding postures for longer periods of time. By holding these postures, many people experience the Idding of buried emotions and a sense of release and letting go. This is the perfect practice for those who want to strengthen their bodies and relax their mind. I allow a positive, safe practice by encouraging my students to listen to their bodies and honor their physical limitations. I offer a wide range of posture modifications and deliver safe, hands-on assists in order to ensure my students are receiving the complete benefits of the poses. My goal is to empower my students by guiding them through meditation, intention, pranayama, and asanas in which they feel confident. My intention is to lead an experience for others by living a yogic lifestyle and allowing it to show in my classes and off the mat. By focusing my classes on gentle to moderate postures, I make yoga available to both beginner students and long time practitioners. I am eager to spread the practice of yoga to my community, and share all that it has to offer with those in need.



I believe that the way we approach our practice has a tendency to be carried over to the way we approach our day-to-day life. If I feel frustrated after falling out of a balancing pose, it might have something to do with my lack of patience with myself. If I can fall out of a pose, laugh about it and try again, I believe that it is because I react the same way with difficult situations in my everyday life. When I teach yoga, I provide an emphasis not only on the physical aspect, but the emotions my students may feel while practicing with me. I encourage open hearts and open minds so that students can carry that openness with them wherever they go. My classes are a fun, lively experience with lots of smiling and laughter. I offer a safe space to grow and learn, free from judgment and criticism.


Non violence towards oneself or others. The yoga mat is not the place for “no pain no gain” at least not in my classes. Listen to your body. Honor the physical limitations of the body without harsh self assessment. If you have a personal goal we will work together to accomplish it by dedication, commitment, and most importantly, patience. If we can learn to be patient with ourselves on the yoga mat we are more likely to find patience around every corner. Thoughts of shame, guilt, and disappointment may start off as just thoughts but tend to have much more powerful effects and outcomes. By learning to not only feel content, but to truly love ourselves and our weaknesses, we are able to find a deeper experience of personal growth and non violence.