Private Yoga Classes In Phoenix, AZ

At Your Home, Hotel, Or Location Of Your Choosing

Private classes are a great way for beginners to get more comfortable with poses and for experienced yogis to start progressing into advanced asana. A one-on-one class is a great way to incorporate yoga into your busy lifestyle and provide you with a more steady practice.

Schedule your private yoga classes at a time and place that is convenient for you; a quiet place in your home, a park, your office or outdoor area are some great places to start. Many students find studios to be intimidating and distracting; it can be difficult to avoid the desire to compete. In the privacy of a one-on-one class you will find it easier to focus solely on yourself and know that you are the top priority. You will truly have everything you need for a safe, strong, and effective yoga practice.

What sets me apart from other private yoga teachers is my end goal for my students. Since learning how to do yoga by myself, I strive to provide people with that same sense of independence. I appreciate that I have the knowledge to roll out my mat and practice safely in a way that feels good for my body and mind. I aim to provide you with the tools you need for a home practice that you can do any time, anywhere, without the help and guidance of a teacher.

My goal is to teach you the foundations before moving on to teaching you how to build upon those foundations. Lean less on a yoga teacher, and more on yourself.

What’s Included In A Private Yoga Class:

  • A 60 or 90 Minute Hands On Yoga Practice tailored to your goals, abilities, and lifestyle

  • Use of a variety of yoga props (block, straps, bolsters, blankets, mat, etc.)

  • Weekly homework with detailed descriptions of poses and breath work

  • Around the clock guidance beyond our primary session


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